T he answer to that Question this time is interesting. A German and not a Swiss.
But let’s look at the History of the Invention of the Sleeping Bag. Hundreds of years driving merchants and also travellers spent the nights next to their carts, horses and donkeys by the campfire using only skins or woollen blankets. The Nights were cold and humid. Then came the Sleeping Bag. On May 5, 1899, the Cologne-based Ferdinand Jacob Received a patent on an “All-round Closed sleeping bag.” A Revolution.
Because a good Sleeping Bag is worth Gold! The best Night is gone when you can’t sleep properly at night because you’re freezing or sweating to much.
The first Version of the Sleeping Bag by Ferdinand Jacob was equipped with a Connectable headboard and also with a gauze Veil against insects, since there had probably been a Much Older primordial form Of the sleeping bag much earlier, because In The patent specification Two American patents are However, which have been improved with the Aforementioned Extras, so that the Sleeping Bag


“The Inhalation of cold and humid Night air, as well as the Penetration of Insects completely repaired.”

But Jacob had also thought of Durability, Transportability and bad weather, Because The sleeping bag already Brought An overdraft that was waterproof. When not In use, the Sleeping Bag could be packed into the Transport Bag in which it was delivered. Its Weight was only narrow 3 kg. A Lightweight for his Time. Advance in textile technology made it possible for sleeping Bags to continue to evolve since then.
One such Development was the so-called Sleeping Bag, from the two Dutch Heinz Stoewer and Wubbo Ockels. They were granted a Patent with the Number US 4 641 386 A on 10 February 1986. This is a Sleeping Bag that can be tied up in the Space Station and inflated with the help of Hoses. This is intended to counteract the Feeling of free Fall in Sleep, by Pressure on the Body of The Astronauts.
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